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February 22 1999 02/22/99 10:51 PM :

Hey everyone sorry there has not been many updates lately but there has been verry little news I do have some cover scans of some CC promos on their way for the discography section and also thinking of putting up a section with all of my autographed CC stuff and ticket stubs for something to do. 

February 13 1999 02/13/99 04:04 PM :

Just added a whole bunch of new Band, Rayna,  and Dez Pictures a thanks for the pics goes out to  Joe thanks man.  Don't forget to sign my guestbook and send your feedback so I can make this page better for you.

02/13/99 07:43 AM :

A report on Coal Chamber and Ozzy's cover of "Shock the Monkey" is featured in the news section on MtV's website to go the the story clip on the pic to the right. There is a real video clip with Dez and Meegs!! Dez compares Ozzy to Peter Gabriel and discusses the cover. Also the article says Coal Chamber will be featured in a "new metal" story on MTV news 1515 this weekend!! 1515 comes on Fri at 7:30 pm (Eastern Standard), Sat and Sun at 10:30 am. 

February 12 1999 02/12/99 02:43 PM :

Hello everyone check out my new DISCOGRAPHY section including some rare Coal Chamber items that I have not  even see includng the Monster Mash compilation recorded at the ROXY  performing Loco before the album relaese in Feb of 1997.  And check out the new pic at the top of the page it was made by my good friend at Millennium Designs the creator of my navigation bar a great big thanks goes out to Millennium.

February 10 1999 02/10/99 02:54 PM :

Just got word that Coal Chamber was # 23 in readers vote of top 100 band that "changed your life" in Kerrangs January 23 issue. Thanks to Joe  for this information.

February 8 1999 02/08/99 12:13 AM :

Welcome to my newly designed page with the new side graphic made by Millenium Designs by a great friend of mine Thanks to him his work is so greatly appreciated check out his page just follow the link.

February 5 1999 02/05/99 02:55 AM :

Here we go I have a pretty big update tonight i just got done uploading the whole Coal Chamber CD in Real Audio Frormat for anyone not wanting to wait to download the mp3's  and yes the rest of the mp3's will be up very soon I promise.

February 4 1999 02/04/99 12:55 AM :

Finally some updates very small but there are a few new pictures of  Rayna I  added last night hope you like them .   Also I have done a lot of work on The Official Chakra Page the last few days and have added 2 mp3's  for everyone to check out they are great and I would like to Congratulate Chakra on Winning the first night of the Battle of the Bands last Saturday at Pancake Skate n' Whirl Washington Pa.

January 28 1999 01/27/99 12:43 PM :

Well I am back I have been smackin off the past  week nothing raelly new but i would like to thank all of you for leaving feedback and signing my guestbook I appreciate it very much.  Last I heard the new album Chamber Music will be due out in the next couple of months I can't wait.  I am planning on putting up all of Coal Chambers songs in Real Audio if I can figure it out but its coming very slowly but eventualy I have been haveing computer problems I have formated 2 times in the past week but I have everything going good  now so be ready for some madd updates.

January 19 1999 01/19/99 11:43 PM :

Just added today a Guestbook and some new links Check them out there are some great new Coal Chamber pages but I am still anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Official Coal Chamber Page please leave some feedback and Sign my Guestbook.

January 15 1999 01/15/99 01:50 AM :

COAL CHAMBER are in the studio in Boston, MA working on "Chamber Music", the follow-up to their successful self-titled debut album Due sometime in May hopefully sooner I can't  wait I will keep you informed.  "Chamber Music" was named among ALTERNATIVE PRESS' Most Anticipated Albums of 1999.

January 9 1998 01/09/99 04:50 AM :

Well thanks for the feedback on the new frame graphic I really appreciate it.  I just added a WWW Board please fell free to post anytime I am looking forward to hear all your questions and answers.

January 7 1998 01/07/99 02:18 AM :

Check it out everyone my new frame graphics is it not awsome I would like to thank a friend I met a while ago for making this for me check out his page Millennium Web Design this gut is great his page is loaded with Cgi Scripts, Java Applets, HTML tips suggestions and also will custom build you a homepage he is great.  Thanks and everyone enjoy.

January 5 1998 01/05/99 01:39 AM :

Still no big news but check out the links section I added a couple new banners from some of my new favorite web sites.   But first check out The Official Chakra Page it is coming along very well with lots of help from the band the lyrics are up for all their songs from their first Demo and one new song check it out and don't forget Chakra @ Cool Peppers Hot House in Lawrenceville PA January 9th with Deminion this is going to be an amazing show if you have never seen Chakra or Deminion play you must be here for this show.

January 2 1998 01/02/99 02:42 AM :

Sorry nothing really new about Coal Chamber yet I am Trying my hardest but I can not seem to find anything out about what is going on in the studio but as soon as I find anything out it will be up I promise but other than that I have been just hanging out with my girlfriend (the beautifulest girl in the world) alot and working and did I mention where I work SUCKS ASS!!  Well Hope you all have recovered from your Drunken state last night and you all had a good new year later.

January 1 1998 01/01/98 02:31 AM :

Just got home and wanted to wish everyone out there a happy New Year I hope everyone had a great time last night.  And if you live in Pennsylvania never work for a Reastaurant called Kings Family Reastaurants they suck and will screw you over constantly that was one of my New Years Resolutions to get a new job until I am out of school because I am tired of Fucking wasting my life with a Company like that.    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

December 31 1998 12/31/98 01:39 AM :

Thanks for all the feedback Its great I love to hear your coments and I want to let you know that yes I will keep you all up do date as much as I can on the upcoming May release Chamber Music .    Everyone out there that has visited the Official Coal Chamber Page before and been disapointed you should be up for a surprise on the first of the year check out a preview at the new Official CC page.

December 26 1998 12/26/98 02:49 AM : 

Check out Chakra Live @ Cool Peppers Hot House In Pittsburgh PA On January 9th  Also check out their Official Web Page @ This page is also run by me but alot of help and all the graphics are contributed to Christian from Chakra because simply I suck ASS at making any sort of graphics with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro but I am trying to slowly learn.  Make sure if you live anywhere near Pittsburgh you try to check this show out tickets will be sold at the door they are not expensive so you don't have any excuse Hope to see you there.

December 19 1998 12/19/98 01:30 AM :

I'm sorry to say that we've lost another great muscician two days ago by the name of Lynn Strait. If you all don't know who he really is, he's the frontman of the band Snot. Lynn passed away with his dog Dobbs 12/11/98 in a car accident in Ventura County, CA. Coal Chamber, myself  and  other bands are friends with him and his band, and he will be missed by them and alot of people - including Snot fans.  My condolences to the Strait family, to the band Snot,and to all their fans.     

R.I.P.  Lynn and Dobbs     Lynn Strait 1968 - 1998 

R.I.P.  Lynn and Dobbs     Lynn Strait 1968 - 1998 

December 14 1998 12/19/98 01:30 AM

Just Upgraded the whole page setup I decided to go back to frames I might even go as far as making a non-frames page depending on my time.  Hopefully by the end of the month the rest of the Coal Chamber album will be up in Mp3 format its kinda hard finding webspace to stoe 20 or so Mp3's but I am getting the space slowly give me time.  Please take a second and leave me some Feedback let me know what I need to improve my page or what you like.  Thanks  

December 4 1998

Just updated pictures of all the band members and the band now coming soon the rest of the album in MP3 and probably sometime this month The CHAKRA page will be up.  Thanks everyone for helping me break 1000 hits this is much more than I have been expecting without being able to to put my page on all the major search engines thanks for suporting me and keep the feedback coming.

November 17 1998

CHAKRA news Chakra will be playing Pancake Skate n' Whirl  in Washington Pa on December 5th if you live anywhere near check it out hope to see a great crowd.

November 21 1998

It has been announced that Rayna and Morgan have married early. Rayna and Morgan didn't even tell their fellow
band members! The wedding was for family members only and was held at a secret venue. They have said they just couldn't wait until the official date in February. It is thought that there will be another wedding on the official date of 14th February for band members and other friends to attend. Rayna insist that she will be called 'Rayna Rose Foss'.(Thanks to the Anxiety Attack Page For this news)

November 20 1998

Just added this week over 30 megs of Mp3's including 7 Coal Chamber songs and the whole Chakra demo.

Sorry it's been a long time since any news still nothing new but I have in the last week added a page for my favorite local band from Washington PA called Chakra I will be doing there Official Web Page as soon as I get time but I did put up there whole first demo album up in Mp3 format hope you enjoy.

November 10 1998

Coal Chamber have announced that their new album, 'Chamber Music', will be released in May. They are going into the studio to record later this week. It has also been announced that a tour will follow! Coal Chamber have 34 songs written, of them about 15 will be put onto the album. Coal Chamber are working with producer Josh Abrahams (The Orgy). Dez has said the album wil be a lot heavier but has he learnt to use other emotions apart from anger in his music. It is supposed to be completely different to their first self-titled debut album 'Coal Chamber'. The song titles include 'Not Living', 'Moments', 'Mercy', 'Anxiety', 'Blisters', 'Fodder' and 'Truth is Like a Tradgedy'.(Thanks to the Anxiety Attack Page For this news)

October 23 1998

Rayna is engaged, and will be marrying her current boyfriend, Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose, on February
14, 1999 in Las Vegas!

October 5 1998

Coal Chamber is appearing on  Strangeland soundtrack with their song Not Living which if you went to any of their shows on the past tour you probably heard.  Also on this album is Soulfly, Megadeth, Anthrax, HedPe, and some other hardcore bands.

October 1 1998

Coal Chamber recently finished their tour and are going to take a few weeks off then head into the studios to begin work on their next album due out in February.

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